Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17: Rescue Me

Airing Date: March 27, 2014

I would like to say on the previous episode was fine and my expectation but I know in the next episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17 we will experience a astonishing appearance of Markos. For I am interesting of his character for he was suit to his character but also something was not right because as what I saw on the clip marks appeared and he said that he was the reason why Elena and Stefan stumble upon, so what is the meaning of his line and I am excited to find out who he was is he was Silas that using the body or in the past that we not aware he was there from the start. Where we will also expecting some of the flashback where he was and what will be the main basis why he was in the mystic falls and wanted to remain Elena and Stefan as the doppelganger. This installment will due on March 27, 2014 only at

In While You Were Sleeping, while Markos does not physically appear he is briefly mentioned. His agenda is briefly stated, relating with Stefan and Elena's status as doppelgangers .

Markos was described as a darkly but charismatic leader from faraway land that he was like gods to them expect there will be people worship him. Are they a cult or somewhat evil group just wanted to cure the world?

In also his original is supernatural that he had the plan to Elena and Stefan which we all know both of them are doppelganger. According to Katerina Graham, Markos has been in Mystic Falls since it would seem the series began under a different name. Better not miss The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 17: Rescue Me. In also he was a warlock like Silas now I have a root maybe he was Silas.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6: Handle with Care

Airing Date: November 7, 2013

To those fans of this show waiting the revelation about Katherine daughter that will appear, we'll at last our waiting is over for the reason is previous episode where we found out that the daughter of Katherine is also a vampire which she was a new character and I am totally in shock for this lady was a person who had been creating and getting interesting on this show. Katherine daughter was Nadia yes it was Nadia Petrova, for she also had a reason why she in Mystic falls is she was not only looking Silas to bring back what he was belong but also she was in Mystic Falls to find her mother and at last her first mission was accomplished that I know this lady had been a secreting why she was in Mystic Falls. I know you are awaited to witness the unity of this mother and daughter issue for I would like to see Katherine will change for the only thing wish of her life was find her only daughter. Looking more information of this Katherine and Nadia just don’t miss to watch The vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 online where will be back on November 7, 2013 only at

So this what happen on Nadia and Katherine when Nadia telling if why she need Katherine’s, Nadia had confess that if you still remember my die because of you. But when Katherine saw the wood thing she just stab Nadia. For Katherine came back to Nadia to heard what are you saying because I don’t remember I kill that year for she was hiding and escaping Klaus wrath to him. In Nadia said yes I am telling lie for my mother is you and I am Nadia Petrova. Katherine’s was surprised to what she heard and I know that monetize saw Katherine \face had a peace inside and out.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6: Handle with Care. Where I am looking forward what will be the next bonding moment of Nadia and Katherine’s. For Katherine will be still a human ho I am hoping Nadia will not die for that character is all the avid fans of TVD are airing of this and personally I am looking forward what will be the next thing will be in the move.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4: For Whom the Bell To

Airing Date: October 24, 2013

We all known this moment that Katharine’s blood is the cure right for two powerful creature are been looking to him but Katherine at this present time she was in the hand one of the travelers which was Nadia who this lady also had an mission to give back Silas in the tomb but the only way to put Silas in the trap is to get Katherine for i know Nadia will see in the future. In also we found out that Matt was in danger for Gregor, Nadia friend or i might said lover that his spirit trap in Matt's body that if you still remember that Nadia appear to Matt and suddenly a man appear at the back of Matt and grab the head and cast a spell that i will be the reason why Gregor was in that body of Matt. Still confused to Nadia character just don’t miss The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4: For Whom the Bell To be back on October 24, 2013 only at one of the awesomeness site that all your favorite TV series are in one place in that was

I am still confused to Nadia character that i will said she was in the neutral thing that she was Silas enemy and also she was also threat in Mystic Falls. We will looking forward that Nadia will appear in the next episode of The vampire Diaries season 5. In other side i can say that Nadia was attractive woman that i see o she was awesome that she had an title as the traveler the earth seeking a vengeance. Who we will expect one thing to her character that she was ally to anybody and employ any tactic to further her own mysterious goal or agenda that still was locking in the midst of us.

Watch The vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4 Online. That this episode Mystic Falls will celebrate an traditional who they will remembrance day which to honor all people who they have lost in mystic falls. So, better to prepared a bundled of tissue for an emotional scene will be in our way.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Arrow Season 2 Episode 3:Broken Dolls

Airing Date:October 23, 2013

The last scene of of the previous episode of Arrow where Oliver of Arrow visit again Laurel in the Attorney District office and may be i might said that Arrow just one a peace talk to Laurel but we all known that laurel just a person wanted a revenge i think but some of it are just personal who she just saw how Arrow left behind Tommy who that is the reason that Laurel wanted to arrest Arrow. That in the season 1 Laurel just so impressed to Arrow that she said to her father that Arrow was an a murderer but a savior or a hero in town who Laurel had to partner also Arrow in one can when someone was hurting who both them are just perfect partner in crime. Arrow Season 2 Episode 3: Broken Dolls which will be air only at
Arrow Season 2 Episode 3:Broken Dolls
Laurel will getting ore interesting this season who will see a aggrieve lady in starling city that she had an new job as Attorney District Office. In might be able to do a Bit to all the fans of Oliver and laurel this season their relationship will getting more honest this time who in the past relationship of them are all lies but this will be changed. That they will starting a complement to each other. It has to be about something else will happen. Stephen Amell added that about Arrow and Laurel shes so venomous against to him the part of it fells like be misdirected slightly.

In if you watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 3 online. We will getting near that who Black Cannary and Oliver will or right said Arrow are be in the combat. Who i am getting excited to that that i know Oliver needs more help to the person and also Ry will be part of it that Roy will involved in that part who as Red Arrow.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Identity

Airing Date: October 16, 2013

We hear a lot about identity theft when someone takes your wallet and pretends to be you and uses your credit cards. But the more serious identity theft is to get swallowed up in other peoples definition of you. I might said Identity is the second episode of the second season of Arrow that will air on October 16, 2013 only at Arrow Season 2 Episode 2.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Identity
 What can you say to the episode 1 huge ending?.. which when Laurel will be transfer a so called hoodlum in the season premiere, simply it’s one of that hour’s really final scenes that will have everyone conversation and tweeting. Turning to next week, once Oliver “gets the band back together,” there’s some fun grumbling from Dig and Felicity about their “cover” identities.

What can you say also of Felicity and Giggle for they are getting enjoying the company each other Their roles on Team Arrow evolve, particularly with honor to Felicity. In Season 1, Felicity was girl Friday where she would do whatever Oliver asked her to do. In Season 2, she’s developing like Diggle more of a voice in terms of how Oliver goes just about his missions” Guggenheim revealed.

In also the island flashback has appeared that Shado was been kidnapped by some people and because Oliver saw that they are hurting Shado he cant control himself to fight and just grab a rock and crash the head of the person that he was so mad anger. In they are confused what these people came from and when the the scene was appear who there was an ship who I guest that was the people came from and what is the reason why they are here in Lian Yu. In addition Ben Turner A.K.A Bronze Tiger will meet Arrow and they will have an awesome fight who Arrow will have an difficulties in this moment. Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Identity.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3: Original Sin

Airing Date: October 17, 2013

What can you say to the first meeting of Elena and Silas (posing as Stefan) through they met on the last season which the title episode is “The Walking Dead when he was posing as Caroline Forbes at6 that moment of time. Which True Lies is the title of a 1994 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis and written and directed by James Cameron. That on the previous episode there had an three Antagonist which they are Silas, Gregor and Nadia. But before we will getting to know them deeply just could you please watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3 online free that will air on October 17, 2013 only at

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 3: Original Sin
First let’s see who is Gregor was Nadia’s friend and also member of The Travelers which also known as Witches with ties to Silas. However there is no confirmation as to whether they are witches or simply a related species. We saw him in I Know What You Did Last Summer and also in the second episode such was True Lies he and Nadia were at the bar. After Silas entered the bar when Nadia immediately killed him, saying that, unlike him, she never considered herself as a member of The Travelers. Bu I am confused what the hell Nadia kill his friend and also What kind of spell is it that he casting, he takes control over Matt's brain or something? and then he is unconscious, who the hell is Gregor anyway.

Nadia was descried as an emotional and beautiful 20-something who has traveled the earth on a mission of vengeance. Which she had an huge mystery character which seems like some single moment that they left behind in their European whirlwind, and she appears that she added that there's more to her about him according to our beautiful executive producer, Julie Plec.

In last in Silas is a warlock that at the end become first immortal being in the world. According to him, he was accountable for creating and casting the first Immortality Spell on himself. Which Silas is one of the critic person and also a immortal and supernatural being in the show (however, it is unclear whether he was more powerful than Qetsiyah as a warlock). He is the main antagonist of Seasons Four and Five.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Arrow Season 2 Episode 1: City of Heroes

Airing Date: October 10, 2013

On the final episode of Arrow Season 1 it was an intense that Malcolm knows that the vigilant was Oliver Queen that they will battle against the safety of the people in the glades which Malcolm and Oliver fighting to death that in the battle when Oliver was free in chain he had a change to chase Malcolm that in the first battle of Dark Archer in Arrow was intense also but the person who win in the first battle was Dark Archer that is the reason why Oliver was confused and depress -but when he overcome that emotion he was determine and perseverance to give the justice of all want that in the second battle Dark Archer in Arrow was match that when Diggle entertained the battle he got hurt for Dark Archer shoot him but he was a lucky man that he not die in that moment. On October 10, 2013 you must Watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 Online for this will be our day to all Arrow fans.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 1: City of Heroes
In after that battle Arrow win and he killed Malcolm that Oliver don’t want to happen and to hurt the feeling of his best friend Tommy. Now the questioned is dark Archer was dead or he will able to appeared in Season 2? I don't know but i saw and read about the spoiler that Dark Archer will be appeared in Season 2. In recent the spoiled that their will be an villain come backing season 2 that John Barrowman will be back in two episodes of Arrow that he was still playing as menacing Dark Archer.

Now what will be happen if Malcolm was alive is he will able to take revenge to Oliver or Malcolm as dark Archer will be appeared in the flashback i don’t know what will be happen in fact and i you want to get just don’t miss Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 to get insight.